Lough Derg (2003)

Eileen Good’s Lough Derg provides readers with a wonderful account of what a three-day pilgrimage to the Station Island entails. Supplemented with poetry, pictures, and an appendix outlining the pilgrimage schedule, Good’s book offers reflection on the history of the pilgrimage and her own experience with the pilgrimage. Most interesting, she highlights the connection with the Easter Triduum, noting the pilgrims’ vigil which connects them to the apostles who tried to keep vigil all night in Gethsemane, their solitude which connects them to Jesus’s loneliness during his arrest and trial, and their sense of accomplishment upon leaving the island which connects them to the joy of the resurrection. She stresses the importance of being barefoot for the three days—e.g., showing solidarity with the poor, recognizing holy ground, offering a reminder of penance. Likewise, she stresses the importance of the three-day fast.

Her book is a great introduction to the Lough Derg pilgrimage and has given me a further taste of what it must be like to go on the pilgrimage.

It remains top of my bucket-list.

Video: https://www.icatholic.ie/wp-content/video/?ID=37714

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