Secrets of True Happiness (2012)

This was another short book of poems by the same author who wrote Buddha in Blue Jeans. I was struck by the emphasis on forgetting oneself as one of the main points of the book. By letting go of self, then we can be happy.

I don’t have many reflections to offer, but here are some of the lines that really stood out to me:

Contentment with what you already have is True Happiness (6:58 Kindle).

Spending your life looking for certainty is like chasing your shadow (14:124).

When you react to change as if it isn’t supposed to happen you have forgotten what it is to be alive (15:139).

Many people have told you that you are wrong for how you see things so it is easy to get invested in being right. Your sense of being right will bring you grief and will ruin your relationships (17:160).

Your memory is a distortion of time because you begin to believe that the past is still real (19:190).

Your value isn’t because of your work. It is because you are you (23:224).

When you define work as a way of experiencing total aliveness your “work life” becomes True Happiness (23:237).

There is always time for solitude which doesn’t punch a clock. I hope you sit quietly a lot (27:269).

And here are two quotes I thought were fitting for my workshop:

When you hear the words “I can’t do that” please toss them into the trash and start making something (4:46).

Enjoying creativity without standards is True Happiness (21:212).

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