I Me Mine (1980, 2002)

I was inspired to read George’s pseud0autobiography both by repeatedly watching a series of lectures about Eastern religions at work and by listening to his music while doing other work at work.

Several things struck me reading this. First and foremost was his devotion to God. Throughout his catalog of songs, reflections on the divine and on spirituality pervade. In his comments about My Sweet Lord, George says, “The point was, I was sticking my neck out on the chopping block because now I would have to live up to something, but at the same time I thought ‘Nobody’s saying it; I wish somebody else was doing it.’ You know, everybody is going ‘Be-bop baby'” (176).

Something else that struck me was the size of his song catalog. As a Beatles fanatic (sorry George, see below), I know every Harrison Beatles-recorded song. And I hadn’t paid too much attention to his solo career, owning only All Things Must Pass and Brainwashed. However, there’s lots more, and, judging by the lyrics, they’re all wonderfully solid George numbers. I shall be investing in more George soon.

One final note, George’s out-and-out hatred of the limelight caught me off guard. Yes, he’s the quiet Beatle. But he seemed to be the happy, quiet Beatle. The Beatles years for George seemed to be agony—all of them (hence, the parenthetical above). He seemed much more happy with life post-Beatles and outside the recording studio. He reveled in being a gardener and in watching Formula 1 (who knew?).

That final point, of course, reflects his love and pursuit of the divine. His tradition values quiet, meditation, and balance, which, in turn, is what George valued, what we should all value.


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