Buddha in Blue Jeans (2011)

Whether or not a 19-page book counts as a book is debatable; nevertheless, Buddha in Blue Jeans manages to pack in a lot of information without saying very much. It, in the words of one of my old professors, makes every word count.

I was struck by the repetition of the final command to “enjoy.” That is, each poem about meditation and the contemplative life ends with the advice to simply enjoy, whether it’s sitting quietly, caring for one’s body, loving indiscriminately, or doing no harm, for example.

Also, the author ends each page with a note in a slightly smaller font: “You will learn this sitting quietly.” Reading it over and over again, it almost becomes a response in a great litany of meditative virtue. The author gives some practical advice about how to meditate in the opening poem, but further fruits and practicalities are to be learned in the quietness of the practice. A wonderful insight.

All in all, Buddha in Blue Jeans is a wonderful little book/pamphlet. It inspires without overwhelming, and that’s the highest praise for a book of this nature.

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